Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! This formula is designed with clinically-dosed ingredients that are safe and effective for both genders. Each ingredient is also safe for long-term use, making our pre-workout the perfect choice for athletes of all levels.

Simply mix 1–2 scoops of Critical with 6-8oz of water for 1 scoop, or 10-12oz of water with 2 scoops. Then, consume it 15–30 minutes before your training or athletic endeavor. Please note that we do not recommend "dry scooping" as it is more effective when when taken with water.

Each scoop of Critical contains 200 mg of caffeine and 50 mg of theobromine. A single scoop is a tolerable dose that most people find effective. However, taking 2 scoops will provide a much higher level of stimulation and is recommended only for those who are familiar with their tolerance and can handle it.

Definitely! It provides the perfect balance of performance and focuses for those who prefer a milder stimulant effect. With 200 mg of caffeine and a clinically-dosed blend of nootropics and ergogenic aids, a single scoop will give you the boost you need to take your training to the next level, time and time again.

The Kairos team is always working hard to bring you the latest and greatest in the world of supplements. You can expect more flavors of our pre-workout, pump products, recovery blends, and other performance-enhancing supplements that will change the industry. Keep an eye out for exciting new products from us soon!